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The process of incorporating learned healthy eating and exercise behaviors into a reliable, successful, program for everyday life can be a daunting endeavor! In a society inundated with boundless sources of unreliable and conflicting health and fitness information it is often difficult discern fact from fiction. The powerful impact of diet and exercise on overall health and wellness; however, cannot be denied. The continuous effort to maintain our health does not stop at the table or even at the gym! It extends into our home and built environments. Contaminants in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink can all contribute to acute, chronic, and cumulative adverse health effects. The potential health impacts on the immunocompromised and children are significantly greater. Optimal health can be achieved and maintained by taking a proactive approach for maintaining a healthy body composition, engaging in adequate amounts of exercise, and avoiding overexposures to toxins in the environment. We each have an obligation to be responsible stewards of our bodies, long before it is too late. Preventative health is the world’s safest and most effective medicine. There is no better time to learn and act than right now!

A dedicated student, athlete, and public health professional, Natalie founded The Chef N’ You LLC in 2010 with a desire to help individuals achieve body composition and fitness goals in a healthy, safe, and realistic manner. Today, the company is an all-encompassing reflection of Natalie’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm toward helping individuals reduce their risk factors for disease and improve their quality of life through facilitating dietary, exercise, and lifestyle change.

The Chef N’ You LLC educates and empowers people of all backgrounds, culinary, and fitness abilities so they may employ healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors to evoke substantial, long-term benefits for weight management, fitness, and environmental health. The Chef N’ You LLC offers the advantage of professional, personalized attention, positive reinforcement, and continuous motivation to help clients achieve short and long term goals. Natalie maintains advanced training and certifications and close working relationships with medical practitioners and allied health professionals to ensure that clients are properly educated and goals are established and achieved in a safe, effective, and realistic manner.

Disclaimer: Moderate to high risk individuals should consult their physician prior to engaging in any form of exercise recommended by The Chef N’ You, LLC and its website. The Chef N’ You LLC welcomes the opportunity to coordinate with your health care provider with regard to making any dietary, exercise, or lifestyle change(s).

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