Natalie Schibell


From exercise and weight management to environmental health, provide your organization with credible information and professional advice on a broad range of public health topics. Whether you want to educate your attendees on the dangers of smoking or obesity or increase awareness for the plethora of toxins in our environment, Natalie’s presentations provide a comprehensive overview of the associated risks for illness and/or disease along with the appropriate preventative methodology. Natalie’s presentations are exceptionally informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Empower your employees, students, or group members to start living a healthier life!

• Presentations last approximately 2 hours
• Material is customized for knowledge level and age appropriateness
• Presentations may be given as a series if desired
• Natalie welcomes attendees to ask questions throughout the presentation
• Reservations are required at least 1 month in advance. Please click on “Book Natalie” to describe your organization and the topic you desire. You will be contacted shortly

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